PAM PAM is our ‘dream come true’ family-run restaurant that, on top of a great culinary experience, offers an ideal venue for all types of meetings, whether with friends, colleagues, or business partners. 

Having conceived the idea of opening our own restaurant a few years ago, we finally realize it in 2018. Its name, PAM PAM, is derived from the initials of our first names – Paulina, Andrzej and Michał Piliszek. We continue to put all our hearts and minds into our beloved brainchild, constantly making our vision of a perfect restaurant a reality. 

From the beginning, it has been our goal to create a restaurant with a real family-like atmosphere. Together with our PAM PAM team, we are keen to talk to our Guests, also about our menu to share with them our culinary expertise. The door to our kitchen is always open so that everyone can see how their food is prepared by our skilful kitchen staff. Located in a spectacular townhouse in the heart of Warsaw, our restaurant is ideal not only for private meetings, but also for business events, which are our specialty. 

With comfort of our Guests in mind, we also offer a private dining room for closed events only. We provide privacy and respect our clients’ special wishes. 

At PAM PAM, it is our utmost priority to make our Guests feel safe. Therefore, all our dishes are made from carefully selected products sourced from the best suppliers. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are of great importance for us too, so we frequently make seasonal changes to our menu to reflect their availability. Also, we use only the best quality cookware and cutlery made of top-grade stainless steel. 

Our menu features dishes which are a unique combination of Polish cuisine with a Mediterranean flair, developed and prepared by our Executive Chef Paweł Rumowski, who has cooked in Poland’s best and most prestigious restaurants. Our vision and approach to our Guests remain unchanged, but we are always open to experiments with new flavours. That is why we do not limit ourselves only to the dishes on our menu – call us ahead of your visit to our restaurant to tell us about your culinary dreams and we will take care of making them come true!