Salmon gravlax, beetroots, smoked cream, blins – 52pln
Beef carpaccio, capers, parmesan, truffle olive oil – 48pln
Beef tartare, mushroom, fennel, croutons – 58pln
Spring rolls with duch, mango, basil, chilli – 42pln
Dumplings stuffed with onion and  smoked cottage cheese, chives – 38pln
Fettuccine, black truffle, butter emulsion – 48pln

Veal tripe – 30pln
Broth of guinea  fowl – 30pln

Main courses

Halibut, brussels sprouts, dumplings, mustard butter sauce – 99pln
Sola Dover,  french fries, spinach, butter – 159pln
Guinea fowl breast, pumpkin, mushrooms, pear, thyme sauce – 95pln
Lamb tenderloin, paprika, kus kus,, red wine sauce – 95pln
Beef tenderloin, potatoes gratin, green beans, Roquefort sauce – 110pln

Philadelphia cheesecake, coconut, tangerine – 30pln
Caramelized apples, English sauce, crumble, vanilla ice cream – 30pln